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Learn situational self-defense and techniques

Continuing opportunities

As an extension of these introductory self-defense classes, Mission HQ offers seminars that include a presentation and instruction of various techniques and methods for self-defense.

This seminar is an overview of the free Introductory Self Defense class but delves deeper into techniques.

All Good Living Foundation, Do Good Sports Club works with the Alameda Police Department to offer Youth Safety Classes. 

These classes cover situational prevention and risk reduction, self-awareness, and tips on being a good witness if you are a victim or witness to a crime.

Classes are organized based on common age and gender.

 We currently provide classes in the following categories:

  • Middle and High School Female Identifying & Non-Binary Youth
  • Middle and High School Youth ALL Inclusive
  • Adult Female Identifying & Non-Binary

We are not limited to these categories and are open for requests or suggestions. 


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