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Who We Are

The Do Good Sports Club (DGSC) teamed up with The Mission HQ and Intensity Martial Arts in the Fall of 2022 to provide self defense opportunities to our community. These self defense opportunities, and the resources and opportunities in sports that DGSC provides all share our mission to help youth in need. As the self defense opportunities we provided expanded a separate program DO GOOD MISSION SAFETY formed that focuses on the well being and safety of all. Our mission is to serve participants of all ages and help build an understanding of situational self defense and self defense techniques.  

Our partnership has started working with schools and community organizations to offer self defense assemblies and classes at their respective schools and venues. We aim to provide these opportunities to all, including and not limited to academic settings.

The Do Good Sports Club

The Do Good Sports Club (DGSC), a sister non-profit organization of the All Good Living Foundation gives kids an opportunity to learn and play sports. We focus on providing resources at a much lower cost and in some cases no cost including equipment, mentoring/coaching, transportation, etc.

The mission hq

Wilson Du, an Alameda native, also known as “Renal Warrior,” is a community leader focused on helping others live their best lives.  As a dialysis patient of 5.5 years before receiving his Kidney Transplant in March 2022, he focuses on working with those that are chronically ill along with those most vulnerable in our communities through TheMissionHQ gym in Alameda, CA.

intensity martial arts

Jeremy Keller is the headmaster and owner of Intensity Martial Arts in Alameda, Ca.  He is currently a 5th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a combat kickboxer, and a martial artist of over 30 years with 25+ years of teaching experience. 

Whether just three years old or 60 years old, his students know him best for creating a positive, inclusive environment for all to thrive! 

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